Tasty Hills Residents / Gustav

Gustav LeShan


Personality: seems cynical, but really just intellectual, somewhat dramatic

Occupation: the most influential culinary critic of Tasty Hills

Hobby: antiquing, food history, and building toy train rails

After gaining worldwide fame as a food critic, he became completely unbearable. His reviews can easily destroy or glorify any restaurant, and that`s why Gustav sees himself as the culinary capital`s judge, jury, and executioner. However, he is a fair and hard-working professional.

Question & Answer

Q.1 by Maria: Hi Gustav! My question to you is, what do you expect from an extremely good chef? Just curious!
A: Such a chef should cook according to the highest quality standards in order to maintain their title of the "best" and never stop perfecting themself.
Q.2 by Erica: Hey Gustav how do like our restaurants? Any subjections to improve?
A: The sky is the limit, Chef.
Q.3 by Velma: Any chances to see ur smiling face :) ?
A: I'm saving my smile for a special occasion.
Q.4 by Cinthia Dejesus : What’s the name of your favorite meal?
A: Any dish that passes my strict evaluation.
Q.5 by Gabry: In what way do you judje?
A: Like any true professional, I'm always impartial.
Q.6 by Nastya: What would you like Vivien to be?
A: I'd like her to surpass me in the art of food criticism and become the Culinary Bulletin editor.
Q.7 by Yusri: Have you gave a perfect score to any restaurants? If so, which one?
A: I was close to giving Leonard Grey's restaurant a perfect score, but... that accident happened.
Q.8 by Latoya: What is your favorite hobby
A: Building miniature railroads and putting trains on them.
Q.9 by Annie: When Vivian was little, did she ever try to cook for you? If she did, would you critique her meal like a restaurant, or pretend it was good just for her?
A: Fortunately (or unfortunately), she doesn't cook. She was my food critic instead.
Q.10 by Sana: What is your favourite type of tea? Or you prefer coffee?
A: Black coffee. No milk. No sugar.