Tasty Hills Residents / Soul

Soul Mekko


Personality: honest, loyal and down-to-earth

Occupation: video blogger

Hobby: too many to list, anything from writing to bungee jumping over waterfalls.

Video blogger, extremely popular on the Internet. His videos always gain a few million views in mere hours. Despite his amazing popularity, Soul is not at all arrogant. He appreciates qualities like loyalty and decency.

Question & Answer

Q.1 by Erica: Hey Soul do you have a girlfriend?
A: It's hard to have a relationship with my busy travel schedule. I think you should never leave your partner alone!
Q.2 by moramarrr: Describe your greatest achievement and most impressive failure
A: I hope my best achievement is yet to come! And failures... are there to make us even stronger! So I don't really consider them failures.
Q.3 by Sal: What is your favorite dessert in one of the Grey's restaurants?
A: Orange spaghetti with blackberry ice cream! A fantastic match!
Q.4 by Joanna Wing: Where does your creativity come from and what plans do you have with the vlog?
A: Everything in the world inspires me because life is so wonderful and unpredictable! I'd love to film more videos about the history of Tasty Hills, it's pretty fascinating.
Q.5 by Calvin Wright: Why don't we see more of you in tasty hills?
A: I travel a lot because my viewers love watching vlogs from all around the world!
Q.6 by Nastya: What is your favorite dancer?
A: Po Gladrius, he's a real contemporary dance star!
Q.7 by Rookie: what color do you like?
A: Any color! All of them are good. That's why my channel design and my merch are so colorful!
Q.8 by Bibi : What are you favourite areas of taking pictures
A: I love taking landscape pictures, so, the higher up the better!
Q.9 by Erica: Hey Soul are you dating anyone?
A: Well, there is my camera... Haha, just kidding! No, right now I'm free as a bird.
Q.10 by Katie B.: If Soul Mekko is your online handle, can you tell us your real name? Unless it actually is Soul Mekko.
A: Soul Mekko is my real name, haha! My parents are very creative, so you can probably guess why I'm so creative too!