Tasty Hills Residents / Leonard

Leonard Grey


Personality: nice, trusting, and incredibly kind.

Occupation: legendary chef who used to own an expansive restaurant chain.

Hobby: gardening, collecting cereal box prizes

Despite his old age, grandpa Leonard hasn`t lost his childish naivete, and his competitors often take advantage of that. Has rare culinary talent, thanks to which he became the most prominent chef in Tasty Hills.

Question & Answer

Q.1 by Maria: How old were you when you started your first restaurant?
A: I was six when the first Leo's restaurant opened. My frequent and only customers were my parents.
Q.2 by Caroline: For how long have you and Bobby known each other?
A: Let me think... We've been friends since the first day of culinary school!
Q.3 by lynn: do you have any other hobby instead of cooking?
A: Holy macaroni, I was a guitarist in a rock band in culinary school! My list of hobbies has expanded since then: from mahjong to rowing!
Q.4 by Bri: If you could go back into the past at any point and choose a part then too stay there for the rest of your life where,when and with who is it with?.
A: I would have stopped the poisoning of my friend Gustav!
Q.5 by Юлия: What did you cook for your wife for breakfast in your youth?
A: Pancakes and waffles with berry jam from our garden. I still make them for my wife!
Q.6 by Nagito : What inspired you to become a chef
A: My grandpa. His dishes would always bring the whole family together around the table without fail!
Q.7 by Ann: What is your favorite recipe to make
A: Any recipe is good if its main ingredient is love.
Q.8 by Aidaayeh: Hi dear Leonard . Why you are so kind? And how you know every thing, I love you
A: Thank you, darling! It's impossible to be in a bad mood if your food brings joy to good people!
Q.9 by Jimin ( my name in the game): What happened to the hot sauce in the Sakura Restaurant?
A: Customers thought it was too hot, so we took it off the menu.
Q.10 by Christy: Why did your daughter’s family have to leave
A: She and her husband have their own business in Technocity.