Tasty Hills Residents / Vivien

Vivianette a.k.a. @realvivisaur


Personality: always cheerful, smart and hard-working

Occupation: promising food blogger

Hobby: photography, DJing, katana dance, curling

Vivien`s natural charm makes her a very likable person. Her perceptive and energetic nature often helps her in her dream of becoming the most popular food blogger ever. Always has her phone with her. She appreciates culinary art and modern technology.

Question & Answer

Q.1 by leah: what are you going to be for Halloween?
A: I haven't decided yet! Maybe you'll help me pick out a costume? Write to me @realvivisaur
Q.2 by S: What camera do you use to take such beautiful pictures
A: It's not the camera that matters, but how the photographer looks at the world. You can take beautiful pictures with a smartphone camera too, believe me! Be sure to try it!
Q.3 by Sunnie: What is your favorite book?
A: The Only Unicorn is a beautiful fairy tale about love and striving for your dreams! Be sure to read it!
Q.4 by Milla: What’s your favorite subject to talk about on your social media?
A: Everything my followers are interested in! I'm their eyes and ears, after all! And their stomach, too, lol!
Q.5 by Aruna_Dessu: Greetings Vivien! I am glad that you will answer our questions. Thank! And so how and when did you want to have a food blog? What or who motivated you to do this? What is your favorite food? How did you meet Alex? And I'm sorry for being rude, but when is
A: Oh, so many questions! You can leave a comment on @realvivisaur and I will answer every single one of them, I promise! Meanwhile, I'll think over my answers, lol!
Q.6 by moramarrr: Where to start a beginner, if he wants to follow in your footsteps?
A: First you need an austere father who's a critic... I'm kidding, lol! Everyone has their own path, unique and incredible! Just take the first step on it!
Q.7 by Jima: How did you get the stripes in your hair?
A: I have a hairdresser I've been going to for several years now! She's the one who does this magic.
Q.8 by Vanesa : Hola querida Vivien mi pregunta es ¿porque iniciaste tu bloog? ¿Que acaso solo quieres ser famosa y reconocida o tienes otras intenciones?
A: At first I wanted to prove to my father that I could become a top culinary critic and photographer. But now I write it for my wonderful followers! Join too, if you're not following me yet! @realvivisaur
Q.9 by Nabida : What is the most important thing as a food blogger
A: Having a talented chef like you for a friend!
Q.10 by NosyNonnie: I’m sure journalists and restaurants like have trembled before the Great Gustav LeShan, but we’ve only ever heard of his public face. What is Gustav like when he’s off the clock?
A: He's a caring and loving father. He also smiles sometimes, lol!