Tasty Hills Residents / Dave

Dave Carter


Personality: reliable and calm, punctual to the second
Occupation: delivery man for the Tasty Hills Express

Hobby: barbecues with neighbors, growing flowers, woodwork

He founded the Tasty Hills Express delivery company with his brother, Matthew Carter. Their delivery service is the fastest and most reliable of all. That's why all the chefs of the world's culinary capital love it so much!

Question & Answer

Q.1 by Müge: What kind of tv series do you watch
A: Cartoons. I watch them with my kids!
Q.2 by Dhapne: Hey dave, can't you collab your work with andrew and make something that delivers fast?
A: Great idea! But I couldn't handle parting with my truck. It's my good friend and has never let me down!
Q.3 by Ivana: What are your talents?
A: My family always tells me I have great time management skills. And I believe my punctuality is the result of hard work!
Q.4 by Bobo: What would you be if you weren't a deliveryman?
A: I'd be a surfer for sure.
Q.5 by Cole: How do you keep such a tight schedule?
A: I can't live without my to-do list!
Q.6 by Alicia: Did you ever see yourself becoming a delivery man? What were your dreams as a child?
A: I've always wanted to become a rockstar, haha!
Q.7 by Shaneece: What do you like doing on your days off from work?
A: I love spending time with my family. And I would advise you to spend more time with your loved ones too.
Q.8 by Seneca: What’s your favourite part of your job
A: Marking a task as 'done'!
Q.9 by Sana: What was the strangest package you had to deliver?
A: Hmm, probably the new "Tasty Hills Express" uniform. The weird thing was that I had to deliver it to myself, haha!
Q.10 by Laylo: Do you work alone or you have co-workers?
A: I work with my brother Matthew, he helps me deliver packages. Maybe we should think about hiring more workers?