Tasty Hills Residents / Bobby

Bobby Calloway


Personality: outgoing and cheerful, great sense of fashion.

Occupation: owner of a successful interior design studio, a happy family man.

Hobby: fishing, handmade crafts, and fashion consulting

Bobby Calloway is known throughout Tasty Hills for his great management skills. Fashion and design are his forte—thanks to his outstanding sense of fashion, he is acknowledged as the city`s top trendsetter.

Question & Answer

Q.1 by Meghan: What kind of candies do you like ?
A: Lemon succade and mints!
Q.2 by Ryan: How can one bring out the best talent out of them?
A: Only through working on improving yourself! Though, getting a pair of stylish and comfortable boots wouldn't hurt either, haha!
Q.3 by Heather: What's your favorite memory of in restaurant work?
A: When we finished renovating our first restaurant, I loved the wallpaper there: light green with English daisy flowers!
Q.4 by Maria: Hi Bobby! Since you are a fashion consultant, my question to you is, if you were to design my wedding on your own, how would you do it? Just curious!
A: The most important thing is that you wear comfortable clothes. What about a crisp white pantsuit and pumps? And we can decorate the wedding venue with real potted plants!
Q.5 by The.Tank: What kinds of drinks does Bobby like?
A: Coffee with a slice of lemon—what a treat!
Q.6 by Eshra: What is your hobby?
A: Fishing is the most relaxing hobby ever!
Q.7 by Nastya: What is your favorite color?
A: Any color that's trendy now, haha!
Q.8 by Harls: Do you walk every day to the restaurant or take the car?
A: Neither. I prefer riding a bike.
Q.9 by denzel: how much important is your friendship with mr grey for you?
A: It's beyond important. Leonard is my best friend!
Q.10 by Kaytea: Bobby, give a hint about dining in style and just dining?
A: Organize a theme party with your friends. Choose a theme for your looks and dishes, and I'm sure everything will be fantastic!