Tasty Hills Residents / Martin

Martin Price


Personality: shy, cautious and perceptive

Occupation: high school student

Hobby: board games (especially Maze Masters), reading comics

A slightly spoiled, but very well-read and intellectually developed young man. His shy and cautious personality makes him not the most popular kid at school. Nevertheless, he continues his attempts to make friends.

Question & Answer

Q.1 by Liz: Do you like me?
A: Uh, you made me blush...
Q.2 by Khaleesi : What kind of sport do you like?
A: Esports!
Q.3 by Lara: Are you Harry Potter
A: Who's this Harry I'm constantly compared to?
Q.4 by Amanfa Louise Hart: What is your favorite dessert
A: Kakigori with a maple syrup, yum!
Q.5 by Nastya: What games can you recommend people to play?
A: Maze Masters for sure!
Q.6 by Eshra: How many friends you have now?
A: I know lots of people but have few friends. But all of them are true and time-tested.
Q.7 by PkPtk: What kind of food do you like?
A: Pizza! I can eat it without being distracted from video games or Maze Masters.
Q.8 by Mitz: Favorite Fruit?
A: Mangosteen and dragonfruit!
Q.9 by A Nonnie Moose: So you were originally unpopular in school, how come you didn’t mention your dad’s mansion? That most likely would have turned some heads.
A: My home location must be kept secret, like any hero's hideout!
Q.10 by Ari: What’s your favorite color?
A: Magical green-purple.