Tasty Hills Residents / Creighton

Creighton Styles


Personality: narcissistic, scheming, charismatic

Occupation: popular Tasty Hills chef, TV star

Hobby: taking selfies, keeping a memoir, and debates

Despite his questionable persona, he is charming and has culinary talent, which rocketed him to TV stardom. He is used to achieving his goals with the minimum effort, and does not take kindly to criticism or the loss of his leading positions.

Question & Answer

Q.1 by Nastya: Do you have brothers
A: No, Creighton Styles is the one and only!
Q.2 by Kura: Instead of being your rival, why don't we work together? We'd be the number one everywhere!
A: Creighton Styles is already number one, honey. But you can bask in my glory.
Q.3 by Erica: Hey Creighton what do see yourself doing beside cooking 50 or 60 years from now?
A: I wish I could become the owner of... I mean, the mayor of Tasty Hills. Oh yes.
Q.4 by Bobo: Please tell me an inspirational, motivational quote!
A: Always be yourself unless you can be Creighton Styles. Then always be Creighton Styles!
Q.5 by Percy: What’s your best childhood memory and why?
A: When I picked up a frying pan for the first time, I realized that I was destined to become the best chef in Tasty Hills!
Q.6 by YonYonYon: What's your morning routine
A: Waking up, doing my hair, being gorgeous.
Q.7 by Saparati: What are your favorite clothes besides the one you usually wear?
A: Any clothes look marvelous on me! But nothing can compare with the softness of my favorite PJ's.
Q.8 by NYAN_RYDER: Creighton! Do you still keep in touch with your mother? I hear she was at a convention not too long ago.
A: Sure thing! We hold royal tea parties with cupcakes and homemade candy on holidays.
Q.9 by Kaitlin Schrader: If you could have changed anything about how your life's turned out, what would it be?
A: My life is 100% good, I wouldn't change anything.