Tasty Hills Residents / Andy

Andrew Martin Theorius III


Personality: eccentric, peculiar and slightly mad

Occupation: scientist

Hobby: coffee making, reviewing gadgets

Andy`s brain generates ideas 24 hours a day, even when he is dreaming! Despite his extraordinary talent, he has never received any prestigious awards, because not one of his brilliant projects was ever completed… or successful.

Question & Answer

Q.1 by Georgette: What kind of your favorite food?
A: Anything from molecular gastronomy, and chemex coffee.
Q.2 by Velma: Whts ur biggest achievement in research :)
A: I've developed an artificial intelligence that answers your questions instead of me.
Q.3 by Luisa Ramos: Who existed first: the egg or the chicken?
A: The egg! Or the chicken. Or the egg... Hmm, I should look into this later...
Q.4 by zeze: What are the most famous eaters in your country?
A: Not a single eater has yet managed to defeat my Goodies Devourer SRL-CC! So I think it's the most famous.
Q.5 by Nastya: What is your biggest secret?
A: Aristotle's Sandals. I dream of inventing a perpetual motion machine for a time machine!
Q.6 by Adri: Do you have a girlfriend?
A: Science and love are the two poles of one magnet. One day, I'll be able to find a way to overcome this law of physics!
Q.7 by Jeny: In your head lives one "cockroach" or a lot of them ???))) Otherwise, where do you come up with so many cool ideas ...?
A: Of course, there are lots of them! And each has a name: Andrew I, Andrew II, Andrew III... Wow, this one has the same name as me!
Q.8 by Alix: What made you so interested in science?
A: My brain! I just couldn't help but develop my natural talents.
Q.9 by Masky: Do you have any siblings? If so, what is your relationship like with them?
A: No, that’s why I’m thinking of cloning myself. Just imagine what several Theoriuses are capable of!
Q.10 by AndyJustDandy: Can you solve this? 9x-7i >3(3x-7u)
A: Easy as pie! The answer is i<3u. Ugh, I'm blushing...