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1 Jun 2022

Cooking Diary: Choose the Winner!

Submission of outfit designs is now closed! 

We really appreciate all of you participating in this special event! Also, we would like to note that all your outfit sketches are creative and wonderful! Chefs, all of you are so talented!
The next step of the Contest is voting. Here is a quick guide: 

1) Follow the 
2) Choose your two favorite outfits
3) Vote

Remember: voting only lasts for one week! 
The winner will get a Food Truck key with their outfit, 100 rubies, 1 Megapan, Double Profits, and Turbo Skates. 

P.S. We believe that it will be really hard to make a final decision, but we ask you to make your choice fairly, since the winning outfits will be implemented in the game for Cooking Diary's special birthday update in August. 
Thank you for taking part and supporting us in this important event!