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26 Jul 2023Contest

Chef Support program–we start now!

Hello, Chefs!

We hope you're just as thrilled as we are, as the Chef Support Program is ready to kick off! 

All the dates have been finalized, and we have all the Chef Experts and Sous Chefs on board and raring to go! 

The program will now start today, on July 26th. Let us remind you of the stages and prizes:

We'll have 4 stages for the Chef Expert/Sous Chef teams, where the Chef Experts will assist the Sous Chefs in playing Cooking Diary and achieving their goals.

Each stage will last for 1 week, starting from July 26th:

1st stage: July 26th - August 2nd

Prizes for Chef Expert: 60 rubies, 2 Turbo Skates, and 4 Candy

Prizes for Sous Chef: 40 rubies, 2 Turbo Skates, and 2 Candy

2nd stage: August 2nd - August 9th

Prizes for Chef Expert: 60 rubies, 2 Patient Customers, and 4 Wonder Dish

Prizes for Sous Chef: 40 rubies, 2 Patient Customers, and 2 Wonder Dish

3rd stage: August 9th - August 16th

Prizes for Chef Expert: 60 rubies, 2 Double Profits, and 4 Freezer

Prizes for Sous Chef: 40 rubies, 2 Double Profits, and 2 Freezer

4th stage: August 16th - August 23th

Prizes for Chef Expert: 60 rubies, 2 Megapan, and 4 Superdelivery

Prizes for Sous Chef: 40 rubies, 2 Megapan, and 2 Superdelivery

Final results: August 25th

The top Chef Expert will receive a unique outfit as the grand prize.

Every week, we'll announce the results and select the winning team. To win, your Chef Expert-Sous Chef team needs to be the first to complete the task and comment about it under the special post before the stage ends. The winning team will receive a bundle of useful in-game items to enhance their culinary skills and progress.

Three winners will be selected among the Chefs who complete all the events of the week and leave a comment first below the contest post at each stage.

Throughout the program, we'll be posting the conditions and updates in our dedicated Facebook group. To participate in the competition, you will need to fulfill the conditions that will be announced at each stage. Join us here:

And that's not all! At the end of the 4 stages, we'll reveal the final winners who will receive a unique set as the grand prize. The main prize for the Chef Expert will be a unique outfit, which will be shown during stage 1. There will be only 1 ultimate winner! In the final, the winner will be selected based on their results throughout the entire Chef Support program. The Chef Expert with the most points will win.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn, work in a team, and win fantastic prizes. Get ready to showcase your cooking prowess and build a strong Chef Expert/Sous Chef team! Let the culinary adventure begin!

By participating in our contests, you accept our Contest Rules: