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18 May 2022

Cooking Diary: Birthday Contest!

We're announcing a great contest for Cooking Diary's 4th birthday! Let's celebrate it together!

For the 4th anniversary, we decided that it's our players who we want to be the focus of attention. That's why we're announcing an outfit contest for you! There will be 4 winners whose outfit sketches will be implemented in our birthday Food Trucks in August.

Here are some rules:

1) You must draw/sketch your outfit design. Please don't use any apps with ready-made templates, and make sure it's your own design

2) You can apply as many designs as you want
3) Your design should contain both male and female versions created in the same style

4) Please upload your design 
5) Make sure that the name of the file contains your name (or nickname) so we can identify its author

The design will be implemented in the game for Cooking Diary's special birthday update in August. The results may differ from the original design.

The winner will get a Food Truck key with their outfit, 100 rubies, 1 Megapan, 1 Double Profits, 1 Turboskates. 

Good luck!

P.S. By participating in our contests, you accept our 
Contest Rules 

You can submit your answer before June 1, 12:00 AM GMT
The results will be announced in three weeks. 

There will be 4 winners: 2 chosen by other players and 2 chosen by the Cooking Diary team.